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تخصيص اليدوية باراسيراثيريوم الحيوان

تخصيص اليدوية باراسيراثيريوم الحيوان
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Product name

Customized Handmade Animal Paraceratherium

Main Material

Anti-rust steel frame + High elastic sponge + Non-poisonous silicon rubber


 As picture shows or customize 


Corresponding animal sound or custom other sound.



1. mouth open and close with synchronized sound,
2. eyes blinking,
3. head moving up and down,right to left,
4. stomach breathing.

5.more moverments can be customized


Waterproof, Snowproof, Sunproof.

Keep colorful 3-5 years outdoor, 8 years indoor. 


110/220vac 50/60hz 

 Control Mode

1.Coin operated

2.Infrared sensor

3.Swiping card

4.Remote control

5.Initiate Button


Theme park, amusement park, dinosaur park, restaurant, business activities, real estate opening ceremony, dinosaur museum, dinosaur playground, shopping malls, educational equipment, festival exhibition, museum exhibits , playground equipment, theme park, amusement park, city plaza, landscape decoration, etc.



Lead time

15-20 Work Days


Bubble plastics/Wooden case /Air case/Depends on customers' choice

After-sale Service

12 Months 

Other Service

Installation/Exhibition Layout Design/Theme Park Design/Festival Decoration


All Kinds of Animals can be Customized.

Customized Handmade Animal Paraceratherium meratials

عالية الكثافة رغوة، متقدمة سيليكون المطاط، جودة الصلب الإطار، المحرك الخ

تخصيص اليدوية باراسيراثيريوم الحيوان
تخصيص اليدوية باراسيراثيريوم الحيوان
تخصيص اليدوية باراسيراثيريوم الحيوان
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